AAA Home Inspections also provides an “ABSENTEE HOME WATCH SERVICE” for folks who may not live here on a full time basis.  “We know how to help make your life easier”.. so who better to trust than the company that thoroughly inspected your home and mechanical systems from the roof top to the foundation.


AAA Home Watch is an absentee home owner service which provides personalized care and attention for clients’ homes in Beaufort County and surrounding areas. We are not an alarm company or a private protective service, we are a certified home inspection & home watch service company. Unfortunately many residents, both full and part-time know what can happen in our low country homes that can have an adverse affect on your home or property if not detected and corrected in time. So many things can occur during your absence, like severe storm damage, HVAC failure, rodent invasion, skylight damage, moisture and mold issues, disrupted or leaky plumbing, electrical issues, break-ins and vandalism.. just to name a few…

AAA Home Watch exists to watch and care for your home when you’re not there. Whether you’re on vacation, a part-time resident, recreational vehicle owner, you want to protect your investment by making sure your home, condo or RV is inspected and taken care of while it’s vacant. Our professional inspection, completed at regular intervals can make your home look lived in and secured during any season. Bad guys usually look for homes with newspapers in driveway, mail build-up and pine needle accumulation to target homes for break-ins, squatting or vandalism. Our online reports are timely, detailed, and include date and time stamped photos showing any concerns or just the current state of your residence. AAA Home Watch is a veteran locally owned small business since 1993 {subsidiary of AAA Home Inspections} that can give you that “piece of mind” while you’re away ~  ” We know how to make your life much easier “…!

STOP WORRYING..! Call Roni today @ (843) 263-8106 to schedule a personal consultation at your home..

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